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I'm Ph.D. Student at the University of California Santa Cruz, USA, co-advised by professors Dr. Scott Beamer and Dr. Tyler Sorensen. My research focus on HPC graph-related problems, where now we are investigating the application of graph algorithms in a DNA Mapping application. I received my Master in Computer Science from UFRGS, in Brazil, where I was advised by Prof. Dr. Lucas Mello Schnorr and worked on the Parallel and Distributed Processing Group. I received my Bachelor in Computer Science from the Universidade Regional Integrada, also in Brazil. My research interests are related to improving parallel applications regarding distribution, scaling, and load balancing. I am also enthusiastic about graph-related problems. I love programming and solving logical puzzles (and trying to do lettering art)!

  • Personal Email: jessicadagostini at gmail.com
  • Institutional Email: jessica.dagostini at ucsc.edu
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Currículo Lattes (Brazil)



Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Co-advisor: Prof. Dr. Scott Beamer
Co-advisor: Prof. Dr. Tyler Sorensen.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Thesis title: "Performance Improvements Applied in an Electromagnetic Inversion Application Focused on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Computational Environments"
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Lucas Mello Schnorr.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Universidade Regional Integrada - URI Erechim
Thesis title: "Avaliação da Aplicabilidade de Containers em um Sistema Distribuído de Julgamento de Códigos." (Evaluating the Container's Applicability in a Distributed System of Code Judgement)
Advisor: Prof. Ms. Neilor Avelino Tonin
Co-Advisor: Dr. Jean Luca Bez



Graduate Student Researcher

University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Advisors: Prof. Dr. Scott Beamer and Prof. Dr. Tyler Sorensen


Teaching Assistant

University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Courses: CSE113 - Parallel and Concurrent Programming (Winter 2023)

Courses: CSE113 - Parallel and Concurrent Programming (Winter 2024)

Sept,2023 - Dec,2023

Ph.D. Intern

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Advisor: Dr. Joseph B. Manzano


Principal System Architect

beecrowd, Brazil

Principal System Architect at beecrowd, a developer marketplace and online judge. I help on the development and maintanance of the website and judging system.


Master Student Researcher

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil

Project: "Otimização Computacional de Códigos de Inversão de Dados"(Computational Optimization of Data Inversion Codes)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Lucas Mello Schnorr


Developer & Team Leader

URI Online Judge, Brazil

Developer and Team Leader in the URI Online Judge project, helping on the development and maintanance of the website and judging system.


Programming Language Tutor


Tutor of diverse students who look for extra classes of programming and/or looking for a career change. Profile on SuperProf.


Specialist Courses Teacher

National Service for Commercial Education - RS, SENAC/RS, Brasil.

Robotics and Fundamentals of Informatics teacher.


Summer Internship

Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), Brasil

Project: "Implementação em GPU para a Recuperação da Fase na Região de Fraunhofer" (GPU Code Implementation to Phase Recovery on Fraunhofer Region)
Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Xavier Miqueles


Undergraduate Student Extensionist

Universidade Regional Integrada - URI Erechim, Brazil

Project: "A Inserção de Alunos do Ensino Médio de Erechim na Olimpíada Brasileira de Informática" (Insertion of High School Students from Erechim on Brazilian Olympiads in Informatics)
Advisor: Prof. Ms. Neilor Avelino Tonin


Undergraduate Student Researcher

Universidade Regional Integrada - URI Erechim, Brazil

Project: "Um Estudo Sobre Sistemas Distribuídos para Aplicação no Portal URI Online Judge" (A Study About Distributed Systems to be Applied on URI Online Judge Portal)
Advisor: Prof. Ms. Neilor Avelino Tonin

Project: "Criação de um Fórum Customizado para o Portal URI Online Judge" (Developing a Customized Online Forum to URI Online Judge)
Advisor: Prof. Ms. Neilor Avelino Tonin


Junior Student Researcher

Universidade Regional Integrada - URI Erechim, Brazil

Project: "Discussão e Aprofundamento de Conceitos a Respeito do Estudo de Funções do Ensino Médio" (Discussion and Deepening of Concepts Regarding the Study of Mathematical Functions on High School)
Advisor: Prof. Ms. Clemerson Alberi Pedroso

Awards & Leadership


2024 CRA-WP Grad Cohort for Women Travel Grant

Student student to participate in the Grad Cohort for Women in Minneapolis, MN (USA)


Selected Lead Students Volunteer for Supercomputing'24

Student Volunteer at ACM/IEEE SC’24 Supercomputing Conference, Atlanta (USA)


2nd Place at the ISC Virtual Student Cluster Competition

Team Not-So-Slow-Slugs Team - UCSC (Members: Nilesh Negi, Mark Forbush, and I. Advisors: Yiwei Yang and Scott Beamer)


Wayfinding Co-chair SC’23 Supercomputing

Co-chair of the Wayfinding Sub-committee within the Infrastructure Committee for the ACM/IEEE SC’23 Supercomputing Conference, alonside Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz


UCSC Dean's Fellowship

Academic funding given to a small number of outstanding new PhD admitted students at University of California, Santa Cruz (USA)


Selected Lead Students Volunteer for Supercomputing'22

Student Volunteer at ACM/IEEE SC’22 Supercomputing Conference, Dalas (USA)


Selected Student Committee Apprenticeship and Leadership Experience (SCALE) for Supercomputing'21

Communication Committee Student Volunteer at ACM/IEEE SC’21 Supercomputing Conference, St. Louis (USA)


WHPC Affiliate - Brasil Região Sul

The first official representation of Women in HPC global community in South America.


Selected Student Volunteer for Supercomputing'20

Regular Student Volunteer at ACM/IEEE SC’20 Supercomputing Conference, Atlanta (USA)


URI Erechim Best Student Award

Awarded by Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões (URI) for Summa Cum Laude (9.39/10.0).


SBC Highlight Student Award

Awarded by Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) for Summa Cum Laude (9.39/10.0)


Selected Student for 28º Programa Bolsas de Verão CNPEM (Summer Scholarship Program)

Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais - YouTube video


2º Place - Tecnomate Contest 2016, Categoria "Libres"

Awarded by Departamento de Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información, UTN Santa Fé (Argentina).


Honorable Mention on 6th Brazilian Math Olympiads of Public Schools (OBMEP)

Awarded by Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa (CNPq), Brasil.



Some projects that I am/was involved with.

URI Online Judge (now beecrowd!)

Web Developer and System Management



Apr, 2024

Invited Talk on BioSys 2024

We got an invitation to present our first results of my Ph.D. research at the BioSys workshop, that will be held in conjunction with ASPLOS'24 on San Diego. I will present the first results of our proxy application based on a pangenome mapping tool. Excited for this talk!

May, 2023

2nd Place at ISC Virtual Student Cluster Competition

Our team at the ISC Virtual SCC Not-So-Slow-Slugs win the 2nd place! It was my first time participating in this kind of competition. Thanks to my team mates for all the work and help!

April, 2023

WHPC @ SC23 Submissions Co-Chair

I've been invited to be the Submissions Co-Chair for the WHPC Workshop at SC23! This will be my second year in the WHPC Workshop committee. Thanks Elsa and Morghzan for trusting in my work!

March, 2023

Internship @ PNNL

I'm really glad to share that I've been selected to a quarter internship at the Pacific Northwest National Lab. I will be joining the High Perfomance Computing division to work with SODA-OPT team. Thanks Antonino Tumeo and Joseph Manzano for trusting in my work!